The 100 Property Club is proud to have raised £20,000 for the pupils at Waverley School in Enfield, with the funds going towards a fully refurbished all-weather playground. This specially tailored recreational space contains wooden walkways, mock road layouts for practice, a Triple Tower Frame, Mushroom Seats and other pieces of engaging sensory equipment.

The play area benefits the pupils both physically and cognitively, providing them an opportunity to exercise, mobilise and lead active playtimes which develop both fine and gross motor skills as well as advance their coordination, spatial awareness, balance play skills and agility.

As well as this, the pupils’ cognitive development is furthered due to the problem solving, memory testing and emotional development which their play area brings, allowing these pupils who otherwise, due to their need to access specialist playground equipment, may not have had such an opportunity to participate in physical exercise, sensory regulation and emotional development outside in all weather conditions.

Waverley School caters for pupils aged 3-19 with severe and profound learning difficulties which include but, are not limited to, ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder), blindness, deafness, emotional disturbance and hearing impairments. A number of these children have multiple disabilities.

Members of 100 Property Club are so thankful and grateful to have been invited to Waverley School, to observe the impact that this facility will have and to watch English cricketing legend, Mike Gatting (OBE), assist this presentation. Thank you Waverley School and Lord Taverners for making us feel so welcome, this day put smiles on all of our faces.

Thank you to all of those that attend our events, without you, we wouldn’t be able to help young people, like the pupils at Waverley School.