Our club continues to have a diverse and active membership

The 100 Property Club membership is limited to 100 persons who must be practicing in either Real Estate Agency, Investment, Development, Consultancy or an affiliated profession. Members should have their offices based in the Home Counties or London.

An applicant must be either nominated or seconded by a Committee Member. For this purpose he or she may attend meetings as a guest of an existing member in order to meet members of the Committee.

Persons interested in joining the club should in the first instance complete the below application form. The members in waiting fee is £40.

Upon being made a full member, a decision that is made solely by Committee and based upon attendance to Club events as a member in waiting, then the full annual subscription of £80.00 becomes due.  There is also a charge of £40.00 for transfering to full membership.

If you would like to discuss any matter relating to membership please do contact one of the committee.

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