The 100 Property Club, in conjunction with the Young Epilepsy Charity for Children and Young People, is proud to have raised funds, through the members’ efforts, to provide the hard-working students of the Lord’s Taverners Cricket and Disability Charity with a new minibus.

The students are exceptionally pleased with the minibus, as it provides them with a more reliable mode of transport to sporting functions and events with the capacity to transport 10 students at a time. This is especially handy as the students can now travel together as a group to the venue and have a reliable transit route back to the school after the event.

The importance of this access to reliable transport to events means that students are now not limited to the events they can attend and boosts their ability to participate, creating a safe and friendly social outlet that would be lacking without the minibus.

“It is an important time, too, as charities re-visit their ways of working to be responsive to changing current and future needs thrown up by the pandemic.” – Nick Rosevare, CEO of the Lord Taverners

In accessing a wider range of activities and events, the minibuses play a vital role in building confidence, social skills and a sense of independence. In the longer term, this helps to better equip young people to live enjoyable, fulfilling and independent lives.

Members of the 100 Property Club are looking forward to visiting the school in the coming months to see first-hand the positive impact of this generous donation on these young peoples’ lives.

On behalf of the Chairman of the 100 property Club, and the club members, we would like to thank all who have donated to this cause, without you this would not have been possible.